Mark Hoffenberg and Bob Walpert, two engineers with the vision of "Integrating Design and Technology" ™ founded AUDIOVISIONS in 1989, during the the infancy of the residential custom installation industry.

AUDIOVISIONS designs, engineers, programs, and installs custom home and business automation control systems comprised of audio, video, lighting, energy management, climate control, networking/computer, phone, and security components. Through the use of our proprietary design and project management software, we have developed a systematic approach to engineering, installing, and integrating complex electronics with simple control that has raised the standard by which others are compared. This meticulous approach has elevated AUDIOVISIONS to one of the leading residential and commercial systems integration firms in the United States.

In November of 2005, Best Buy Corporation acquired AUDIOVISIONS, bringing tremendous resources and financial stability to the company that is unmatched in our industry. AUDIOVISIONS is still run today by the original founders and management team with the same vision and brand promise of "Simplicity" and "Technology for Life".

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